Porcelain Honeycomb Singular Floor Tile

Porcelain Honeycomb Singular Floor Tile

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The handcrafted tradition the product recreates is a clever mix of art and design. The watercolor tones mirror the style of handmade tiles with high shade chromatic variation for a unique final installation. The added value of traditionally crafted products lies in the fact that no two pieces are alike, which is what embodies with its distressed, handcrafted, high color variation look available in 8 different colorways.

What's Included

  • 3.59 Square Feet Per Box
  • 20 Pieces Per Box

Product Details

  • Tile Type: Singular Tile
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Installation Location: Backsplash; Bathroom floor; Bathroom wall; Shower floor; Shower wall; Kitchen floor; Pool; Fireplace Surround; Countertop; Outdoor
  • Gloss Level: Matte
  • Resistance Type: Heat Resistant; Slip Resistant; Fire Resistant; Frost Resistant
  • PEI Rating: 4 - Heavy traffic

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